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Nithyananda Discourses-FREEDOM - Part 1(11th July 2010)

Discourse delivered at Bidadi on July 11, 2010 (Part 1 of 2)

I welcome you all with my love and respects.
I welcome all the journalists and people from the media and disciples from around the

Freedom…the truth for which almost the whole world gives its life. If you just look inside the human consciousness, the very flow of human consciousness is towards freedom. History of all civilizations, history of all countries - Look inside all the flow, all the expression is always towards freedom. Whatever they think as freedom, they were always putting their energy in that direction.

Even money. Why do you think so much of desire for wealth in the world? Because, with money, you have more choices. You have freedom. You experience a glimpse of freedom with money. You have more choices. May be choice between many sufferings you can pick up! There are many sufferings out of which you can pick up. You can choose your sufferings. Without money you have only one suffering. With money you have many suffering between which you can choose!

Whether it is our running behind money, or political freedom or social freedom whatever you may call it with different names, finally human consciousness constantly expands towards freedom.

If you think political freedom is the ultimate, you start moving towards political freedom. If a society thinks social freedom is the ultimate, they start moving towards social freedom. If you think economical freedom is the ultimate, you start working for economic freedom. Whatever you consider as a freedom, you start working towards it. You start moving towards it. You start traveling towards it.

Some civilizations felt that the political freedom is the ultimate. So they started spending all their energy in that line. Some civilizations started feeling that the spiritual freedom or the inner freedom is the ultimate, so they have started working in that direction.

Let us look deeply inside the very basis of freedom.

The idea from which the experience of freedom is experienced. Or how human beings decide whether political freedom is important or religious freedom is important or spiritual freedom is important or economical freedom is important.

Very beautifully Upanishad says, ‘Ekoham bhahushyaam’. ‘The one which is me let it, let me become many’ See, as long as the super consciousness is one, there is no fear. When the many started happening, the possibility of fear exists. There is another one beautiful Upanishad says, ‘Fear comes out of duality’. One more beautiful Upanishadic statement, ‘The one became many just to enjoy itself.’ So the basis of one becoming many is to enjoy itself. The basic idea with which the one became many is to enjoy itself.

That is why I say the basic thread of this whole creation is compassion. When the one became many, the only commandment it created for itself is ‘let us all co exist blissfully’. ‘Let us all co-exist together.’ That is why I say compassion is the only commandment from God, the cosmic law. Everything else is a man made law. They are laws made in countries. It is an understanding between human beings. But compassion is the cosmic law. When the ‘one’ became ‘many’ with this cosmic thought, ‘Let us all co-exist’, the compassion becomes a base material.

All the civilizations that felt ‘the one became many just to enjoy itself, celebrate itself’, all those civilizations, are compassion based civilizations.

There is another one kind of thought. The existential philosopher from France John Paul Sartre says, ‘the other is hell, the other is enemy.’ The civilizations that formed out of this thinking trend ‘the other is enemy’ they started working more towards political freedom. They thought ‘as long as the other exists I can’t be free; we can’t be free’. So it is more a political freedom. All the civilizations which based their thinking trend with this thought ‘the other is hell, the other is enemy’ have stared working towards political freedom. Warriors have become heroes in their civilizations.

But the civilizations that started with this base, ‘Let the one become many just to enjoy itself’, the compassion based civilizations, they have all started working towards inner freedom, spiritual freedom. There are only two kinds of civilizations - the civilizations that worked for outer freedom and the civilizations that worked for inner freedom.

When you feel the other is hell, you start working towards political freedom. When you feel one became many just to enjoy itself, just to enjoy the existence and celebrate, you start working towards spiritual freedom. The civilizations based on compassion worship the Buddhas.

Civilizations based on violence worship the warriors. Warriors are their heroes. Civilizations where compassion is the base Buddhas are their heroes.

We can see in our civilization, even for political freedom we trusted a saint - Mahatma Gandhi. Even for political freedom, for strategy planning we trusted Mahatma - a person who is established in non-violence, ahimsa. I tell you, in any crisis in any crisis ahimsa, compassion, non-violence, ahimsa is the best strategy.

The best strategy. I am telling from my experience. There is no crisis that cannot be handled by compassion, by ahimsa.

Understand - freedom has more to do with the inner space in which you are established, from where you are making decisions. The point where you receive information from the outer world and process, make decisions. Freedom is more dependent on that space than the place you live. I tell you from my experience. Freedom has nothing to do with the place you live in. It is the space you are established. If you are established in a zone where the information are received and processed, decisions are made with deep friendliness with deep joy, with deep compassion I tell you - you are established in the real freedom. The ultimate freedom that can’t be taken away by anybody, which is just your grace, your even inheritance word is too small word, which is just your expression.

The space from which you make decisions if it is completely lubricated with compassion - please understand compassion was the lubricating material when the cosmos was getting created. When ‘the one wanted to become many it just felt ‘let me enjoy myself’. The only law it created for itself is ‘let us co-exist together’.

Freedom from something is negative part of freedom. Freedom for something is positive part of freedom. Freedom from and for is ultimate freedom. Please understand - freedom from something means freedom from some bondage – freedom from prison, freedom from some conditions, maybe freedom from poverty, freedom from some inability. These are all freedom from, negative part of freedom.

Please understand - negative part of freedom will never give you the fulfillment unless you have the positive part of freedom. Freedom for what? ‘Freedom for’ - Unless you understand the ‘freedom for’, the ‘freedom from’ will not give you fulfillment. You will take it for granted. When you come out of prison may be for a few days you may celebrate that freedom, if you don’t know what for you need freedom. The ‘freedom from’ will be forgotten in few days! None of you are celebrating that you have been free. No! You take your freedom for granted. ‘Freedom from’ is always forgotten, taken for granted when you don’t know the ‘freedom for’.

The ‘freedom for’ adds fulfillment to you. ‘Freedom from’ is negative part of freedom. ‘Freedom for’ is positive part of freedom.

I tell you one step further. The freedom from ‘the from and for’ is ultimate freedom.

When you think ‘what for freedom’- may be to achieve something, to do something. May be you always felt ‘if I don’t have this bondage I will be doing that’. When the ‘freedom for’ is clearly understood, ‘freedom from’ makes meaning in our lives. But ultimately I tell you the ‘freedom from and the freedom for’- when you are free from both, you experience the ultimate true freedom.

The consciousness from which you make decisions, if it is established in compassion, suddenly you experience the freedom that can never be taken away from you. That is what I call enlightenment.

Please understand I saw very clearly, there was one part of me untouched, simply relaxing in utter peace. I wanted all of you to know - Honestly I am telling you, from my heart from my very being, not even once I felt ‘why did all this happen to me?’ Not even once I felt anyway suffered, anyway abused, anyway disrespected. Even though from all corners so much of abuse, so much of disrespect, so much of things were happening. Somehow, the core of the being it was there. Something that can’t be taken away, that is just there.

Understand, one more thing - sitting inside the prison, the enlightenment or compassion or the deep peace is no more a pride. It is a basic utility. Without that you can’t exist. You can’t think it is just a pride. No! It is not a utility for the outer world. Only then you can relax. I tell you get enlightened quickly. It will be really useful. It will really be useful!

Unless you are free from the hatred and vengeance you cannot rest in peace. I did not have any problem. Completely relaxed, settled. Never felt I am getting abused.

Bhakthananda was staying always with me. He will show me the newspaper and say ‘Swamiji this today they have written, they have written this.’

And of course the “Nithyananda” name - The other day I heard, a devotee was reporting to me. She brought an article saying that in the history only twice internet traffic jamming - first Micheal Jackson’s death and second Nithyananda scandal. I was really shocked.

Michael Jackson has to jump and dance and sing and do all sorts of things all over the world and finally he has to die, to jam the internet. And a mere boy hardly 33, from a village, Thiruvannamalai, I did not even do anything. Somebody did something. The traffic jam. I was really shocked. And the article says “Nithyananda” name is the largest searched, googled word.

Anyhow I never felt connected to that name. Never felt connected to any name. That is why I never feel connected to all the titles I have. The ‘self- styled’, ‘controversial’ so many titles. Somewhere titles are added to the name Nithyananda Somewhere the name itself is made into half - ‘nithy’. Anyhow. I did not have any problem because I never felt connected to that name. Never felt connected to any name or any form so did not have any problem.

I really enjoyed that one thing which saved me, which stood with me. People were asking me many questions, the devotees, ‘Why did God not save you?’ So many questions left and right. I tell you, the one thing that really saved me in this whole thing is completely being established in compassion, in that ahimsa. Otherwise it is impossible to sleep, especially in prison.

If you are not established in compassion, you cannot rest. You cannot sleep with so much of abuse happening all around for no reason. So much of vengeance is being expressed, for no reason. So much of poison is vomited for no reason.

I tell you even the inner most core of my heart there were no secret plans to take revenge on anybody. That is the only reason I was completely at ease. ‘Thathata’ - the existence, the happening was so peaceful, so beautiful, completely relaxed, at ease with myself, the acceptance. Not even once in my bio-memory the anger or vengeance, the secret plans to take revenge on somebody, not even once it happened.

I tell you if you want to know the essence of what I am sharing with the world, before the scandal I would have told “Bliss”. Now I am telling you “Compassion”. Freedom from hatred is the ultimate freedom. Freedom from vengeance is the ultimate freedom.

When you are established in compassion, suddenly you will see ‘the other’ is not the enemy. We became many just to celebrate the existence. Even one iota of vengeance, the other will become hell. The other will become enemy. The moment you start feeling ‘the other is hell’ you are constantly going to shrink. Move yourself away, away from the things. Naturally you will be moving yourself away from life. You will be moving towards death.

The basic truth is - ‘Be based in compassion’, you will see the extreme ecstasy, constant joy happening inside your system. Did not have even one moment, any suffering, just because, completely relaxed into the whole inner space.

Freedom from greed is just ‘freedom for’. See when you are free from the ‘freedom for’ you are free from greed. When you free from ‘freedom from’ you are free from fear. Please understand ‘freedom from’ means bondages. When you are free from that, you are free from fears. ‘Freedom for’ means greed, goals. When you are free from that, you are free from greed. When you are free from the hatred or vengeance, suddenly you experience a different dimension of freedom, the ultimate freedom.

I just wanted to share with you some of the important, deep mystical experiences and the lessons I learnt in the 53 days in prison.

(Continued in Part 2)
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