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Discourse delivered at Bidadi on July 10, 2010 (Part 2 of 2)

Nothing can be added to you. How much ever you grab, grab, grab things or people, places or objects you will not be living with it. This is an important truth, please understand when you are established in Ahimsa, even if your body is taken away from you, even if you are killed, what all you think as joy which you want to experience through the body, you will be able to experience even without that body. Understand, whatever you think as joy that you want to experience through the body, you will be able to enjoy without the body, even if your body is taken away.

If you are established in compassion, even if your body is taken away you will be able to experience whatever you want without that body, but if you are established in vengeance, even if you have the body you will not be able to experience what you want.

If you want to experience some sense pleasures even if they are there, even if you are eating you will be thinking something else, you will not be enjoying. Even if you are listening you will
be thinking something else, you will not be enjoying. Even if you are seeing you will be planning for something else you will not be enjoying, I have seen people going to the vacation places, going to the hill resorts, such a beautiful seen, they will not be enjoying the scene. They will be planning how to own a cottage here, how to own a house here, how to own a farmhouse here. They cannot enjoy anything unless it belongs to them legally. By that time it belongs to them legally, they are running behind the carpenter, plumber or electrician to take care of that house. 

Person who is established in vengeance, even if you are sitting with a person whom you always wanted to spend time, or even if you are in a place which you always wanted to enjoy, you will not be enjoying, something else will be going on. 

A person established in compassion, Ahimsa – nonviolence even if the body is taken away from you, you would be enjoying whatever you want.

I will tell you my experience, one night I was just lying down in the prison, when I was in Judicial custody, Now I know all the technical terms police custody, judicial custody, almost all the numbers, IPC code numbers!

When I was resting, body was resting, consciousness was in such a beautiful Samadhi.  Suddenly, saw very clearly body is in Samadhi and the consciousness is attending whatever need to be attended. Like somewhere somebody is praying or asking or meditating, then I saw very clearly from this body, through this body kind of a ray, light energy going and attending. It’s a mystical experience, I am just sharing, whoever feels connected to me can understand or try to understand, If you feel …don’t bother, he is telling something just forget about it. I am just describing as it happened, as I perceived.

I saw very clearly that through this body a kind of light energy attending that prayer. Here somebody is calling, somebody is praying, something is going on, it’s almost like a 911 call centre In US how the calls are coming in continuously and being answered - kind of an automatic mechanism, in so many places prayers, meditation and so many coming and automatically getting responded.

When I was experiencing that part, I did not remember this body, this bio memory. When I am remembering this bio memory I am not able to remember that part, that automatic response mechanism. The cosmic response constantly happening, I was not able to remember that part when I remember this bio memory, this body, this idea. When I was able to remember this, I was not able to remember that, when I was able to remember that, I was not able to remember this. It was almost like a binary 010101, one moment that experience and one moment this experience, it’s jumping. For 1 second, I felt I should download that experience into this bio memory, and understand the meaning of that experience so that I can share with everybody. I wanted to translate the cosmic experience into this bio memory, so that any experience when translated into this biomemory, it can be transmitted through words or touch or initiation to other persons. Thats why when that initiation or healing touch is given, the ideas stored in this bio memory can be shared, so I just felt I should download that experience to this bio memory at least 1 second, I should translate that into this.

Anyhow I tried just a kshana , a second, please understand Kshana is not a second, Kshana is the gap between one thought and other thought. For a Kshana I downloaded that experience into this bio memory, so I translated the space in to place, translated the direction into countries. I could see very clearly for a second almost 1000-2000 calls are being attended. 

Somebody is praying in Australia, somebody is praying in Africa, somebody is praying in America, somebody is praying in one corner in India, all those prayers, requests, meditation, everything is being automatically responded by some energy using this bio memory. I was shocked. I saw when I was trying to overlap that experience into this experience. It was almost like overlapping the natural, geographical map in to the political map, the geographical map of the planet earth overlapped on to the political map of earth. So I just overlapped and saw from different countries different, because in that only directions are there are no countries, in cosmos there are no countries. In earth there are countries. I could see. Funny thing is there are some prayer requests happening and energy flowing into the ocean. I said ‘oh God this side ocean who is..’, because only the human mind is capable of connecting with higher consciousness, at least as a rule, there are exceptions, when Masters like Ramana Maharishi interfere, they can liberate even the animals. But as a rule only human minds can elevate themselves to the level of prayer, meditation or connecting with the cosmic consciousness. I was shocked. How come the
response is landing inside the ocean, then I realized there are ships in the ocean, People in
the ships - they are all connecting from different zones.

I was analyzing, the whole experience suddenly I felt ‘Oh God, the only purpose, only thing I enjoy having this body is initiating or sharing this enlightenment experience with people. That is the only purpose of this body that is the only thing I enjoy, having this body’. 

Suddenly realized there is no need for this body because without this body anyway involved, this body is lying in the prison, but the process is happening, I thought the body is not even required. Suddenly I realized I am able to do whatever I cherish or enjoy without even the necessity of this body, I can say that is the ultimate Freedom.

You can just do what do you want and enjoy what you think as joy without the use of this body. That is the ultimate freedom. I really thought ‘Oh God then this body is not really required, after all so many people hating it. Then I realized. No! I clearly saw the answer, ‘No, May be If this body is alive and running and doing this great mission many new people will have a deep vitharka, a trust, because now whoever was getting attended whose calls are getting attended, whose prayers were being attended they all were already established in Vitharka.

Please understand one more thing I wanted to tell you, In that thousands of call may be only 2% of the people know me personally my name or my form. All others were calling different names of the divine. It is not being, they did not use my name, or they did not even know my form, I was shocked then how these are being attended! Then I saw the name or form that you use does not matter, the intensity with which you call is what matters. It’s with intensity with which the calls are made. 

I saw very clearly, some of the important mystical secrets, the experience I want to share with you - I saw very clearly all the requests, the prayers made with intensity, intense trust and vitharka are getting redirected, almost like 911 calls getting redirected.

I was surprised. Then I had another one question, ‘at any given time only few hundred are praying and connecting with the divine? How come?’ Then I saw this bio-memory is a specialist in healing and transmitting the enlightenment experience. Only those calls are diverted to this bio-memory. I saw there are other specialists masters, for example Mahavatar Baba, specialist in longevity, So any calls or prayers connected to those request those concepts are directed to those masters.

It’s almost like a clear, established, automatic, independent, intelligence, responding system. I was really surprised; because it’s a great revelation happened in me, then I realized, this body it is not required, this body is not required, then the realization landed, NO, this body is kept alive for many new people to have the vitharka, deep trust, feeling connected, maybe for that sake this body is kept alive and running.

When you are established in deep compassion and deep love, Ahimsa I tell you, you don’t even need the body to enjoy. If you want to enjoy anything related to taste, whatever you call it as joy of taste, if you are established in Ahimsa, even without this body you will be able to enjoy that is what we call heaven. When a person is established in Ahimsa, in that zone, without the use of any physical body, You will be having that joy. That is why we call it Amrita - Ageless body, timeless mind. Being established in compassion liberates you. The greatest foolishness that a human being can commit is strategy planning to come out of crisis.

Please understand, the greatest foolishness that a human being can commit is strategy planning to come out of crisis. Any strategy planning you make when you are in crisis, you will be putting more and more crisis, because when the crisis happens ordinary mind gets caught in fear and greed, and it’s almost like negotiating with life, you can negotiate with other, giving something and taking something. You cannot negotiate with life, you cannot bargain with life. With life there is no negotiation, only pure surrender.

Understand when the life happens in your life, larger than your life size, if you are shaken, it is crisis, and if you are relaxed it is teaching. See when life interferes in your life larger than life size, meaning you are not able to measure it. In college I have seen the senior used to rag juniors, ‘What department you are in?’ The junior says ‘I am in civil engineering’. ‘Do you know how to do survey?’ ‘Yes I learnt.’ This guy will give a match stick and tell them survey this whole room.

Same way when the life happens in front of you, if you start asking questions ‘Why this to me? What? Why? When? Why? All of these questions when you ask, it’s almost like trying to measure life, like measuring the whole hall with a match stick. You cannot measure the life with your match stick - why, when, what. Your length, breadth, depth is too small to measure life.

When you try to solve the life with the matchstick, you will be creating more and more chaos. When you are established in deep compassion, deep sympathy, you will just see life is appreciated as it is. The life is experienced as it is.

I tell you it’s an important lesson, truth I want to share with you, be established in compassion, Ahimsa, Non Violence. Let this Ahimsa flow in your system. Understand - I am not talking about Ahimsa, Non violence just as a morality, it’s a morality that’s different, But I am talking about Ahimsa as a science, as a science of enlightenment, as a science of life. It helps in many places where nothing else can help you. 

I will give you a simple process to experience this truth. Sit with yourself in a relaxed way. Inside your mind, call the people whom you feel are accused in your life, with whom you cherish hatred and anger, call them one by one. Logically reason, even if I take revenge on him or her, is my life going to be fulfilled? No. Please understand, you always think whenever you are in crisis, when you take revenge on the person who created problem for you, you achieved something. No. That is not your success, even if you take revenge on him, finally, suddenly you feel you are feeling empty, you are not feeling fulfilled. 

Taking revenge on somebody, is not going to be fulfilling you, it’s just going to be the diversion of your life energy, wasting of your life energy. Only after finishing, taking the revenge part suddenly you feel, you will realize you are feeling empty. You don’t feel fulfillment. Remove all the hatred, vengeance. Reason through reason, one more thing people tell me, ‘No No swamiji hatred is an emotion it cannot be removed by an ordinary reasoning.’ No. Any emotion can be nullified when you reason with it 7 times continuously; I am giving you an important clue. 

Any emotion, whether it is anger or lust or hatred or vengeance or any emotion, bring it to your consciousness, inner space and reason with it logically 7 times continuously. By the time you finish the 7th time reasoning face to face with that emotion it will lose its power over you. Bring every person you hate in front of your inner space, reason – ‘why, what is there, taking revenge on that person is not my life, that is not to give me fulfillment.’

Blood cannot wash blood; Violence cannot nullify violence, if we go on taking eye for an eye whole world will become blind.Understand, whole world will become blind. Understand, all of you have experienced some suffering, at least our devotees last few months. Actually when this whole thing happened I did not have any suffering about myself for myself. But I felt such a deep sympathy, compassion; you can say empathy for all the suffering that our devotees are going to go through. Oh God so much of abuse our devotee will go through, by their friends, society, the so called relatives. All these abuse the people will be going through, the devotee will be going through, just for that, only for that, I felt for during this whole episode. I did not feel for anything, just that one feeling ‘Oh God, how much our devotees need to go through, how much of suffering they will be 
Somebody needs to take revenge on me, it’s an easy job, its not that I was completely away from. I was just living a simple innocent life. They could have done so many things, but why torture devotees, disciples? Hundreds of places beating, burning, breaking the ashrams, beating the brahmacharis, pulling the sarees of our sanyasinis, abusing them. How many of our kids - they are not able to go to their college and schools with the mala and bracelet, How many of our devotees have been abused, I was shocked.

It’s practically a religious persecution. I could not imagine so much of vengeance and
violence on such simple innocent people, all they were doing is gathering and meditating in open, in public that too everyone was invited. 

Its all public places, all our ashrams, and many of our ashrams were doing some social service like feeding the poor, feeding the visitor and doing medical camps, meditation program, so many social services, I was shocked - how in an organized way in hundred of places in few hours beating, breaking, destroying and burning.

It’s like Hinduism is a group of traditions, the follower of Shankara are one tradition, follower of Shiva one tradition, followers of Ganesha one tradition, followers of Devi one tradition, followers of Vishnu one tradition, follower of Ramanuja one tradition, followers of Ramakrishna one tradition and same way our followers are one tradition. Even one tradition people are attacked by the people who does not share the same faith is a religious persecution.

It is religious persecution – internal - same way people who do not share our faith or our values, and if they attack us just because of what we believe, it is religious persecution. Anybody is attacked physically or mentally, tortured physically or psychologically for the sake of what he or she believes is religious persecution. I felt deeply sympathetic only for the religious persecution, which our disciples and devotees and sanyasis and sanyasinis went through in this whole episode.

But I was so happy in the whole Sangha, our mission, established in compassion not one person rebutted. Only one request from me ‘Please be silent and compassionate, do not retaliate’. The whole lakhs of devotees and cores of sympathizers, not a single one did anything illegal or anti social. In thousands of places so much of abuse was done to my photograph, burning, beating, breaking, to the ashrams. Not one devotee, not one disciple, not one of our follower even threw a single stone.

I tell you, I am proud of you all, Just for this silence, Just for this silence. I really saw I felt the deep sympathy, ‘Oh God, how much these poor guys go through for no reason’. But the grace with which our whole people handled this situation, the grace with which our people lived the whole thing.

There is a beautiful story I read, a son came to his father for his blessing on 18th birthday. Son came and touched the feet of his father and said ‘Father I completed 18 today’ - it’s his 19th birthday. Of course in India we talk about the age that is running - 19th birthday he came and touched the feet. 

The moment I say the word birthday I remember birthday also became a big problem. They asked me what is your birthday Swamiji? I said - I did not note when I took birth. I neither know to read, see the calendar, know the time, somebody wrote it seems – ‘Nithyananda forged his birthday’. Fortunately I did not have the intelligence and energy to forge the document when I took birth; I said ‘I did not know; only my parents know ask them.’ Whatever they gave in the school that is what was there and later on whatever they felt is right and they said and we started celebrating that, that’s all.

My father gave some birth date in the school. So we were thinking that is the birth date, and, I never had the habit of celebrating the birthday, when the mission started all the devotees wanted to celebrate, then when my mother came to know about it and she said ‘As per the astrology, the date, time, nakshathra and all she said this is not the date and she mentioned January 1st as the date. I said all right, whatever she remembered must be the truth because - I do not remember, only she should be remembering. So whatever she said we started celebrating that’s all. Such a simple thing.

This guy came and touched the feet of the father and said ‘Today I am completing my 18th birthday, bless me’. The father, very graceful person, he said ‘My son last 18 years you added so much of joy to me. From today I liberate you, you don’t need to do anything to satisfy me , you can do whatever you want from today in your life, I give you complete freedom, you decide everything about your life, you don’t need to do anything for me, what a son can add to the father, what I expected from a son - you added more joy to me than I wanted. So from today, I liberate you, do whatever you want from today you have full freedom, I am fulfilled. Whatever I feel, as a fulfillment I should have from a son I had it.’

Please understand, I am telling the same thing to you all.

Whoever handled this whole scandal, without any violence and without being shaken, without dropping from the root, whoever has withstood, survived this whole  sensationalism, I tell you, ‘You have given the ultimate joy I expect from a disciple, you have fulfilled me. I don’t need anything more from you, I liberate you completely.’

Whoever handled this whole thing non violent way - of course all of you have handled whole thing in a non violent way and whoever did not get carried away by sensationalism, whoever withstood the sensationalism, this rumors, this heavy wind. I can describe this only as a cyclone, when a cyclone hits sometime, from a mango tree many flowers will drop, many flowerssmall flowers, the flowers which are really, really, really sticking to the root, to the tree, those become fruits.

I really felt many flowers and even the fruits before ripening hav dropped because of this whole sensationalistic cyclone. But the fruits and flowers that were very strong and connected to the root will become fruit.

Just by standing the whole sensationalism and handling it with deep compassion, love and in non violent way you have given me the ultimate fulfillment, what I expect from a disciple you have given me, nothing more is required, nothing more is required.

Understand - bring every person whom you feel as accused in front of your inner space, reason with them face to face logically and remove the hatred and remove the vengeance. Atmost a normal human being carries 20-25 people that’s all, if you are accruing more than that something seriously wrong. Reason. And remember one more thing, all of you have experienced suffering in your nervous system, when the suffering comes, how you feel so heavy, loaded you know? Why do you want to transmit this to somebody else,why do you want to share the suffering to somebody else? Why do you feel somebody should suffer the same way? No. When suffering happens to you, if you feel it should happen to other also you are a Rakshasha (demon), when suffering happens to you, if you feel ‘No, it should not happen to others’ you are a Deva, you are God. 

Whenever a suffering happens to you, how you respond decides whether you are a Demon or God, whether you are Devi or Devil.

Understand - you would have felt at least once in a while in your life a deep joy, ecstasy and timelessness. Decide to transmit that to others, share that to others not this heavy, intense suffering to others. Call all the accused in your inner space one by one, and reason with them and acquit them with honor. Acquit them with honor.

I tell you- Judge who has the power to judge and judges will only be a judge, May be international court judge. But a judge who has the power to judge and does not judge anybody is God. Understand - Judge who has the power to judge but never judges anybody is GOD. 

Judge who has the power to judge and judges is judge. So call every accused you have in your heart, in your inner space conduct the court session and acquit them with honor, when you acquit everybody and everything without judging suddenly you will see you are cosmic judge, you are God. You are in the energy presence of God.

Please understand when you experience and live the quality of God You will become God.

Do not worry, whenever I give this kind of process or technique to people, people say ‘No, No, No these are impractical, I will do once but tomorrow again the vengeance will come back, I have tried techniques.’ Please understand, Do not bother, do not think it’s one more technique, the moment you think this as a technique you will remember all your past failures about the technique, ‘No, No, No I tried this that this but nothing worked out how is this going to work for me?’

Don’t worry, even for few seconds experience that hatred-less-ness, just for few seconds I tell you, don’t bother about tomorrow, day after tomorrow, Now sit and conduct your court and acquit all the accused with honor in your heart, just for few seconds experience that compassion that Ahimsa, that non violence in your inner space, you will see what I call as Inner freedom.

The tremendous experience of not needing the body, Freedom from hatred is the ultimate freedom. You will realize there is no need for the body, if it is there it is there, if it is not there, it is ok. You will not feel anything is taken away from you, you will not feel anything is taken away from you, you will just know there is something which cannot be taken by anybody, when you have that something which cannot be taken away by anybody, you are free being, you know what I call by the word Freedom.I tell you Freedom is more dependent on the space, so create the ultimate freedom in the space in which you are established. You will experience the true and ultimate freedom.

A simple process - remember, Just sit and decide at least once you will experience a space where you don’t carry a even a secret, more secret plan to take revenge on anybody, just once. Don’t plan I will retain that space for ever, then immediately your mind will say ‘No, No, No, How can you forgive that fellow, how can you leave that guy, if you allow him to leave he will kill you, it’s a question of survival’. Relax. 

I tell you only once try, try to experience the space where you don’t carry any secret plans, to take revenge on anybody, any anger, any vengeance, any hatred. 

Suddenly you will see you will experience such a deep extraordinary freedom, extraordinary freedom which is immeasurable, which is the ultimate freedom, I tell you even when I felt empathy and sympathy for the devotees and disciples there was no suffering in me, If I start suffering I will not be able to help the people who are suffering, I tell you, I only saw all the suffering entering in to my being and disappearing. Suffering is removed from them and removed from me also. It’s not there. 

Please understand, if you are compassionate based on violence you will create only more suffering to others, if you are compassionate based on compassion you will just see even the suffering which others are experiencing when you have sympathy or empathy, it won’t be suffering on you, you will just take it and burn it. It will just disappear it will not be there at all. So the first thing I wanted to share with you from my experience in this whole episode is - be established in compassion that is the best, ultimate strategy for life, in any crisis.

I wanted to tell you - you will never have worse crisis than what I faced in the last 3 month in your life, so don’t worry, even this whole crisis I handled it completely being established in compassion. So do not worry, do not have fear, ‘how will I be able to handle that situation with compassion, this situation with compassion , how will I be able to handle that crisis with compassion, this crisis with compassion’. Don’t bother, Nothing worse can happen to you than what happened to me in these few months. So have the courage, have the strength to sort out anything just being established in compassion. 

Drop even the secret plans you carry in the innermost heart of your being to take revenge on
somebody. I tell you, you will have the right strategy planning, simply happening in your system and right things will happen, things will fall in place, things will happen beautifully and in the best way it can be and it should be.

I will share one one component of enlightenment, one different component of enlightenment through continuous Satsangs. I invite devotees, disciples and everybody to come and enjoy this whole living enlightenment series, this whole process, this is the best time to be around me. 

And now our disciples also know that - you cannot take Swamiji for granted. So use every opportunity as much as possible, be around, imbibe, live and radiate enlightenment. I bless you all to experience the ultimate freedom, live and radiate enlightenment. Let you all live, experience, and radiate the eternal bliss, Nithyananda.

Thank you

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